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10 Abstract Painters You can Follow on Instagram

Art has never been more accessible. In our increasingly digitized society, social media has made art from all around the world discoverable within seconds. Today, artists of all kinds are using Instagram as an essential marketing tool and personal portfolio. By offering suggested accounts to follow on each user profile, Instagram allows you to venture deeper into the art world with every tap.

The only difficulty is knowing where to start.

After personally going down the rabbit hole, I have curated 10 immensely talented abstract artists for you to follow:

1. Ammon Rost

Rost’s paintings demonstrates an incredible mark making ability that makes his paintings appear effortless. The apparent simplicity of his pieces combined with their massive size create a fascinating sight to ponder.

2. Yukimasa Ida

Ida’s artwork is nothing like anything I have seen before. His combination of color, texture, and movement achieves an unreal marble-like quality that achieves both form and formlessness. Ida’s paintings, often portraying distorted renaissance and baroque figures, offer a sense of the past and the modern.

3. Taylor Anton White

Commonly incorporating a grid structure, White blends mathematical and draft-like imagery into his art, creating something reminiscent of an engineering student’s desktop. The subject matter of his pieces are quite comical, featuring ordinary items like calculators and automobiles.

4. Henri Wagner

Henri Wagner’s artwork is reminiscent of glitches on a computer screen. Often painting over transparent backgrounds, his pieces appear technologically advanced while achieving a minimalist quality.

5. Filipe Real Marinheir

Portugese painter Filipe Real Marinheir is a master of the industrial aesthetic. His paintings explore space in a unique way, where the eye is not drawn to a particular aspect of the painting but to the whole.

6. Joseph Olisaemeka Wilson

Joseph Olisaemeka Wilson’s artwork is intelligent and bold, featuring anthropological history, abstract landscapes, and evolutionary figures. Using explosive colors and wild brushstrokes, Wilson offers a unique perspective on past and present life.

7. Thai Mainhard

Thai Mainhard’s artwork demonstrates playful genius and possesses an inexplicable, quirky energy with her use of expressive colors and blending of bold of patterns.

8. Jeff Wenzel

Mixed media artist Jeff Wenzel fuses unique geometrical forms with an unsuppressed energy. His paintings feature collaged paper strips and demonstrate brash authenticity and a desire to express the inner self.

9. Danny Fox

Danny fox is a master of portraiture. The graphic nature of Fox’s paintings offers a sense of modernity, while his use of dark colors reveals influence from earlier painters like Cezanne, ultimately creating a version of portraiture that appears to rewrite history.

10. Rachel Hayden

Rachel Hayden’s ability to paint seamless gradients is her strong suit, allowing her paintings to appear digitally created and three dimensional. Blurring the line between painting and design, Hayden challenges pre-existing notions of fine art.



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